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Paranormal Topics

E.S.P. - Extra Sensory Perception:

Telekenisis, Mind Over Matter:

Prophetic Dreams, Remote Viewing:

Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Claiaudience, Channeling:

Hauntings, Poltergeists, Apparitions, Angels, Demonic Visitations:


These are personal photographs of what I believe are paranormal events that happened to me personally.  I've had many paranormal things happen to me through out my life.  I've studied many different phenomena because of the experiences.  All I can say is that there is a lot out there that none of us can ever really understand.  But its fun trying.

Personal Ghosts Photos:


Randy and Myself and Two Orbs

In this polaroid photograph of my uncle and myself... We are standing in front of his camper van as he and I pose for a snap shot. Near my uncles knees you can see two very pronounced luminous orbs.
Orbs in the metaphysical circles are the most common type of photographed ghost phenomenon. Orbs have been caught on video and in photographs world wide.


Here is a black and white 150DPI image with higher res. and better quality. The orbs stand out in the photograph and are very noticable. I should point out that as the photo was being taken no one saw the orbs.

Ren. Fair 99 So.CA. Hypnosis:


In these two top and bottom images you see a before (top) and after (bottom) scene. The image on top is of a boy sitting next to me on a hay bail hypnotized asleep. The bottom photo is of the stage hypnosis expert waking up the boy... In the bottom left corner a strange image was caught. This was the only photo on the roll of film that had any strange effects. If you look close you can almost see a face in the image. (make what you will of it)


Close up of the face image.

Big Bear 1/14/00 B-Day Trip:


This photograph is an ecto-photo. Ecto-photos / images appear as smokey images or some times as mists in photographs or on video.
This photograph (a 35mm photo) was taken by my girl-friend Pamela in front of my grandmothers cabin in Big Bear California. She was standing in front of the cabin when she took the photograph. She did not notice anything through the view finder of the camera when the image was taken.

Types of Ghost images

orbs, ectoplasm and vortices:


Orbs: Orbs are small luminace round objects that seem to be small sphearical balls of energy... They seem to move with purpose and appear to be under intelligent control.
Some believe these small balls of light may be the energy of deceased loved ones or earth bound spirits.
They may just be a natural phenomenon caused by electro magnetic anomalies or some type of phenomenon not yet understood.
They have been captured world wide on video and on camera.


Vortices: It seems that vortices are orbs caught in the act of moving through space... This shows that orbs must be moving at extremely high speeds since they appear to be moving faster then the shutter speed of the camera leaving a trail of light behind themselves.


Ectos: Ecto photos are usually web like or smoke like in appearance but can be mists as well. They appear to block images making them seem as if they are covering the scene.
Ecto photos may be charged energy in the area of a haunted place that is caught in photographic mediums.
They may also be the energy patterns of disencarnate personalities. What ever they are they sure are strange.


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