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Apone's Place

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Welcome to my site!


Whatta ya lookin at eh?  Mind your bussiness!

Want to hunt ghosts and research the paranornal? Join my group... Ghost / Paranormal Research Group!



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Rest in Peace Man...
My best friend Brent... 1978 to 1994... His deeds in life echoe in eternity


The infamous Mr.Gregory Bell... AKA:FLOYD / Mr.Pepsi at least to me. This fucked up excuse for a human being is who I call best-friend. I love the bastard with all my heart.


If you have any complaints... Hey divert your anger at this dude... he made me do it!

Donnie Darko

My Scifi Fantasy Page

2001 Warner Bros.


Anime Chicks Rock!

There's a system to the system but who the fuck are you some half assed astronaught? 




Updated 9/02

Hello people and welcome to my site. I just want to let you know a little about myself...

APONE, What my name means...
Apone is a character from one of my favorite movies ALIENS. The black cigar smoking Marine Sgt.
APONE in Greek means Painless.
Also an acronym for Alphonz Capone the mafia gangster of the 1930's hence... (A)lphonz -Ca(pone)

Gangster OG style

Scarface Capone

The "doorway" into my mind,

Resident mockery give us an hour for magic, we of the purple glove, we of the starling flight in the velvet hour, We of arabic pleasures breed, we of sunden in the night...

Give us a creed to believe the night is blessed, give us trust in the night, Give of color hundred hues a rich mandala for me and you... and for your silky pillowed house a head wisdom and a bed... Troubled decree resident mockery has claimed thee

We used to believe in the good old days
We still recieve in little ways the things of kindness and unsporting brow forget and allow

Jim Morrison The Doors 18th Hour For Magic


Hi there people. I'm apone as you probably know by now. I'm just an average joe in his late 20's trying to make it through life. I go to school and I'm trying to get into the gaming and animation industry. I'm an artist and an amateur science fiction / fantasy / horror writer. If you check out my art n stuff side page you'll see some of my art and writing.
I love movies, the paranormal, video games, music of all kinds, women, women and did i mention women? Yeah well I'm a pervo what can I say?
I live in the Los Angeles County area. It's blahzahy out here in whitebread land. Condos, malls, housing tracks, SUVs with I love my kids bumper stickers,  Soccer Mom Milfs, and Starbucks as far as the eye can see.
Oh well its not much of a life but it is one... i guess. Well peace and enjoy the site.


No it isn't the surface of Mars... its not a filtered photograph... Its not a strange camera effect!...
The above picture was taken back in 99 from the Griffith Observatory in the Hollywood hills of Southern California...
(Takes a deep breath) Just love that Los Angeles air!


Freygan and I at Universal Studios 99



Top is Tetsuo and bottom Kaneda from the GodFather of anime... Akira. I have loved Akira ever since i was 13 years old when my little brother Gary gave me the movie for Christmas. Akira is still my #1 anime pick!

Check out the art page and see my 3DSMax stuff.

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Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia 01/03 RIP

Talk to eachother here on this forum!



Run Run Run desert flee but we are after you oh say can you see... The revenge of the eagle comes fierce in the night on wings of steel it takes flight. Your death is our mission and in god we trust because if a bomb don't get you then a bullet must!
Just for your Osama.

What's New?

SciFi Meshes is a site for 3D modeling and rendering


aliens Kick AZz!



It Looked Good On Paper Productions
has started on a new Internet feature called Kill Me Now. 
Its a movie about... well to be honest its a comedy about a down and out video guy thats had the worst day he's ever had.  And just when he thinks nothing more can happen to him... Well thats all your going to know about it for right now.  You'll have to down load it if you want to learn anything more.  Go see our movie! 
CoWrote and Directed by: Jon L. Brooks
Written and Starring: Sean H. Jankowski
Editing and Special Effects: David Duffy


The Ghost / Paranormal Research Group Click here!

Is Your home or work haunted?


The deevolution solution.
The future of mankind...
Watch as we deevolve back
into the monkeys we came

Ask Yoda!


Have any StarWars Questions?
I love starwars and I'd be happy to ask Yoda any questions you have about the starwars universe. Let me know and I'll ask master Yoda for you.


My Brother Malestrom

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My Paranormal Page

My Amatuer Astronomer Page

Orosian's Tome


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