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Paranormal Investigations:


List of Tips

Equipment For Hunting Ghosts



If you are approached by the police or any authority durring an investigation its best to leave the scene and not argue the point.

Respect the area you are in be it a business, residence or cemetary. It may be a ghost that resides there but you should still respect the place as though you are in someone elses house.

If you feel there is a real danger in the area or place you are in you should probably leave. Its best to be safe then sorry.

What is that?


IGHS Ghosts Explanations

American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomenon

So you wanna be a ghostbuster? Want to catch orbs and apparitions on film and camera? Want to hear voices of the dead on tape? Well here's how...

How do I hunt a ghost?

Equipment and Protocols for Use:

ELF Sensor: Measures the electrical fields in the area.

Geiger Counter: Checks the amount of radioactivity in the area.

Cell Sensor: Measures man made and low frequency electrical fields.

Motion Detector: Infrared beams catch any disturbance in an environment.

Other Equipment:

Nightvision: Used to see faint light sources.

Borometer: To read the moisture content of the air.

Infrared Thermometer: To measure environmental tempratures and to look for cold spots.

ElectroSensor: Measures electricity in the atmosphere.

Compass: To look for electromagnetic shifts.

Tape Recorder: For Electromagnetic Voice Phenomena.

Video Recorder: To record events and phenomena.

When conducting a paranormal investigation one must approach the subject with an open mind but also with a feeling of skeptisism. Its good to bring along people that are not easilly influenced by stories and things that go bump in the night. Objective people can back up any evidence collected by the people involved.

When in the field remember to rely on gut feelings, Take readings with the EMF sensor and the field infrared thermometer, watch the compass and if there's a ghost of a chance you could snap a photo of a ghost.

Set up equipment that is stationary before the investigation begins. Video Cameras on tripods, tape recorders for EVP, Motion detectors should all be in places that are out of the way. Make sure wires and other things that could cause a person to hurt themselves are out of the way or are clearly marked with bright tape.

Always carry extra batteries for equipment because in haunted places electrical energy is drained at a very fast rate.

When doing EVP or taking photos to ask the ghosts if they want to show themselves or be heard. Since ghosts are supposedly dead people you'd want to treat them the same way you'd treat a person you just met.

Always get permission before you go off and start snapping photos at some place a friend told you is haunted. Never enter some one's property before you have been officially invited. If possible its best to join an official ghost hunting group before trying any of the above.

Remember to have fun and be objective to your experiences
Keep and open mind and remember... There's more out there then meets the eye.

This is an orb in motion - This is the kind of photo we would want!