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List of Tips

If you are new to astronomy... Try getting a hold of an Astronomy magazine. These are great magazines full of information and they even come with a monthly star chart and planetary moon cycle chart. Check out the monthly events calander as well. This will tell you all about any thing interesting going on that month in the sky.
Learn the basic measurments and units used to find objects in the sky.  This will help you find what it is you are looking for.

To learn more about astronomy and cosmology you can visit your local observatory or check out places and links on the web like www.DrSky.com.

You may want to write or email a local college and ask if they can provide you with any research material on what ever subject you are interested in. NASA is also very helpful when it comes to getting any type of research material.

NASA has a huge store of pictures and knowledge, They are the kings when it comes to planetary research. Check out NASA and JPL on the web. Also check out any information the Hubble Space Telescope. Check out all the major observatory sites around the globe and write them letters about what they do up there.

Researching astronomy is half as fun as actually doing it. Have fun people!

Here's an example of a tip I might include in a hobby site about cooking.

If you really want to learn more about astronomy take a class!

I'm in a steller astronomy class now at my local college and the class covers most everything you would need or want to ask.