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Mars Pics


Moon, Planets and the Universe...


Mars at 25 arc seconds. This is a magnified view of the planet.  The Perihelion of Mars in August of 2003, show below.


Nasa Photographs

People may ask... whats so big about Mars?
Well since the beginning of the century Mars has facinated, intrigued and even frightened the hell out of the people of Earth.  Mars has long been debated as to wether or not life may exist there. 
People back in the 30's were scared out of their minds when a radio broadcast of War of the Worlds was aired and a Martian invasion story was told. People grabbed their guns, ran for shelter and jumped from high rise windows. 
Percival Lowell a great astronomer made observations of Mars and was determined that intelligent life must exist there in its harsh environments. 
Now with our technological and space probe technology remote probes have show Mars to be a lifeless body of rock that at one time did harvest liquid water and a stable atmosphere.
Now mars is a pock marked world of desert rock and polar caps.  Planet wide dust storms and a harsh bitter cold thin atmosphere.  The ice that exists on Mars is just below the surface in the permafrost.  If life is to be found there... This is where NASA will find it.

The picture below is of Jupiter and its moon IO: JPL photograph NASA's Cassini spacecraft on Dec. 1, 2000


Surface of Mars 01/04 Spirit Rover