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Uncle and I Ghost photo

My Uncle Randy Jankowski and myself at my grandmothers house... 1999. Two orbs hang at our knees.


These pictures were taken in England 1999 and sent to the www.insidior.com website. There is supposed to be video to these photos.
The photos show 2 or 3 alien beings outside of their craft as the witness viewed them from behind a fence with a spot light.




Below is a picture of the Mothman fleeing from the headlights of the car of whome the men who photographed the picture are in.




The Thunderbird Mystery!

The Ghost / Paranormal Research Group and myself Sean Jankowski (apone) welcome you all to our site. About The Group of Ghost / Paranormal Research The Group of Ghost / Paranormal Research and Investigation is just that. We investigate paranormal events, mostly haunting or ghost activity, but no paranormal event is to outlandish. UFOs strange animals, and other phenomena will be investigated. Our Group is nonprofit and is self funded through Group dues and other donations made by the public. The Group is to be open to all who are interested in the paranormal and the investigation there in. Mission Statement: Our goal is to gather and collate data that will lead to a better understanding of ghosts and hauntings. among other unexplainable paranormal phenomena. In the process of pursuing these goals, we also wish to aid any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding a situation. We hope to do this by educating them as to the true nature of their situation and giving them the information and understanding to create a livable resolution for the person and the spirit or phenomena. We will also assist people who cannot live with their situations or put them in contact with trained professionals who can assist them. We are open minded to all theories and methods as this is still not an exact science. Everyone in the field of super-natural research learns as they go. Hopefully, in the end, we will collect the necessary proof and field-tested theories that are vital to bringing the subject of ghosts and paranormal phenomenon into the mainstream.



I want to send teams of trained field investigators to sites that are alledged to be haunted or in some other way disturbed by paranormal phenomena. teams of 3 people will be trained in field protocols and equipment use. Then these teams will have two missions... To conduct a field investigation of the site and then the actual investigation. Only one person from the team needs to conduct an interview of the people or persons involved with the phenomenon. Do a walk through durring the day and then go to the site that night from 8PM to midnight. People interested should call me or email aponenoetic@yahoo.com or call 661-250-1640

Ghosts, Hauntings, Poltergiests:


Ghosts,  What is a ghost?  Well nobody really knows for sure... The classic definition is a disembodied soul of a person that has past on into the next life.  Classic ghosts manifest themselves by appearing to people as fantom-lights, globulous masses, apparitions, sounds like children crying, people singing and footsteps to name a few.
Ghost are now known to be related to a site or place.  Sometimes houses can become haunted by ghosts. 
The modern day explanation of ghosts is a place that has imprinted parapsychological energy stamped into it.  If a tragic event such as a battle or murder or even a very depressing event took place in an area thats known to be haunted the place will take on a residual energy that our psychic mind seems to be able to pick up.  Its like watching a movie in our heads that manifests itself to us in what we see as reality.   

Poltergiests, A poltergiest is an energetic phenomena not fully understood by parapsychologists but it seems more closely related to an individual rather then a place.  This has lead many parapsychologists to view Poltergiest activity as more of a (Noetic) or mind event.  This means it eminates subconciously from the individuals mind.  But if this is true then there is much for us to learn about our own minds. 
Poltergiest activities can range in frequency and power...
Some poltergiest begin harmless with lights that shoot through the air and perhaps electrical brown outs of lights and electronics.  Then they can progress into levitations of objects and even people.  Some can become violent and can even harm a person or persons. 
Wether from a disencarnate energy or from an individual still living poltergiests are very interesting indeed.  There is new evidence that some poltergiest activity may be related to electrical fields in houses and other locations where Electro Magnetic Energy is very high.  EMFs or electro magnetic frequencies can have an effect of the brain and the human bio-electrical field that surrounds our bodies.  If this is true it could explain how objects are manipulated at a distance and the electrical disturbances around the individual.

P.K., T.K., Remote Viewing, E.S.P.:

click on the image to learn about psi

Mankind has ventured out to explore many venues from the oceans of our world to the outer reaches of our solar system and now even into the macro universe of quarks and cosmic foam...
But there is another dimension that has been until just recently yet explored thuroughly by man... The human mind. 
Einstein once said that if a human was capable of using 99% of their mind there would be no reason for a body.  This strangely enough is the way many eastern beliefe systems also think.  By using deep hyptnotic concentration and trance many eastern teachers were able to reach deeply enlightening states of mind.
Many parapsychologist now believe these states of mind exist and they are trying to learn new ways to tap into them.
E.S.P.: Extra Sensory Perception is a talent displayed by very few individuals.  ESP is the ability to read someone elses thoughts by seeing images and words in your mind projected from a subject. 
Remote Viewing:  Remote Viewing was developed by the U.S. Military in the 1960's to counter act against the Soviet Psychic Spy Program.  Ingo Swan developed protocols for the military to follow and train soldiers to be psychic information gatherers.  Using relaxtion and cool down periods these men were able to pick up psychic impressions of locations and events and accuratly depict what was there.  Later on the data was collected and compared to other hard data on the target and the accuracy of the remote view would then be calculated for its dependancy. 
Using simple Longitude and Latitude mapping units a target would be selected by an interviewer and then placed into an envelope.  Then the interviewer would walk into the remoteviewer interviewing room and ask the remote viewer for any and all images numbers colors shapes and things they saw.  They were asked to write them down and to draw the things they saw or heard in their minds eye. 
This is remote viewing 
Telekinisis:  Telekinisis is the ability to manipulate an object at a distance.  Not many psychics have been able to prove this talent exists.  Some Russian psychics were able to produce suprising results in controled lab tests where objects were placed in glass jars and seperated from the control subject.  The control subject was then able to move the objects by using nothing but the mind.
Some famouse psychics like Uri Gellar have tried to cash in on this type of psychic ability.  But skeptics take people like Gellar and trash the credibility of actual TK abilities claiming that it is all just simple magic tricks.
Other Psi abilities:
Psychokenises, The ability to read a persons imprinted energy on an object to see events and feel the persons emotions.
Channeling, The ability to contact the deceased.  This ability allows a person to contact a dead relative of someone close to a subject person that has past on.  The impressions and images are then related to the person for their transgressions to interprut.

E.B.E.s, U.F.O.s, Close Encounters:

UFO next to house in suburbia, UFO lingers above house in background. UFO is behind tree limbs!

What has been behind the U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object) flap of the 20th and now 21st centuries?  Is it just that like in the past we have dreamed up this new demon from our imaginations in fear of our own exponential development of technology... or is there something to UFOs and their apparent hold on the publics imagination.
More then half the people in the United States believes that UFOs exist.  As to what they may really be, That is still in debate.  Wether they are government secrete military projects or from alien worlds or perhaps even other dimensions matters little.  What does matter is that they are here. 
From cave drawings to modern day digital videos UFOs have been scene through out the ages by mankind.  UFOs and their occupants have been the subjects of books movies and even one radio show that caused an entire nation to panic!  Why is the human mind so captivated by these strange objects in the skies. 
Never has an alien craft landed in time square or on the white house lawn and declared our world their's... So why the mass hysteria on the subject?  Perhaps its because deep in our minds we know that there are things out there that even we can't control.  Like ants going about our day unaware of the intelligence around us.  Observed and watched as we go about our lives.   


Other... BigFoot, Chupacabra, Cattle Mutalations, Loc Ness, Crop Circles:


Chupacabra in Tree

The Goatsucker or Chupacabra as it is known in SouthAmerica is a creature that seems to feed on the blood of domesticated animals like cats and farm livestock like goats chickens and cows. 
There are many descriptions of the Chupacabra creature.  Some describe it as being a small bipedal creature with eyes that seem to reflect red light when they are in a flashlight or headlights.  The creatures can jump long distances and are very fast, explaining why none have ever been captured. 
This is just another strange creature that modern science has no explanation for.


Flying Rods

Rods are small super fast flying creatures that seem to be invisable to the naked eye.  They can be captured on video though.  These strange worm like creatures fly through the air like fish swim through water. 
There is even evidence that Rods may have been known about by ancient peoples in Argentina.
Picture Below shows rock drawings of Rods

Rock Drawings of rods

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I'm looking for three brave souls to venture out with me to Acton at 8pm for an hour of investigation...
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