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Well let me take this chance to introduce myself. I'm apone as you of course know by now. I am twenty five years old and I live in Southern California with my older brother Malestrom. We are both mIRC users and are regulars on Efnet in channel #ascension. I'm a huge science fiction and fantasy fan. I love scifi flix and fantasy movies... The Matrix, Predator, The Thing... You name the scifi movie and I've probably seen it or at least heard about it... Working at a local BlockBuster Video has its advantages that way. I love learning new things... Science like astronomy, cosmology, metaphysics. Anything really that stimulates thinking is great.

If you think you'd like to come on by and see us please do, Or you can E-mail me at...

Email me at apone30@hotmail.com

My Web Cam page

This is my webcam page on SpoteLife.com come visit me on Tuesdays and Thursdays durring the week and other week nights when I am home from work late at night.

This is Malestrom my brother... As I said he can be found along with me on Efnet on channel #ascension!

If you are interested in the strange then you should check out...